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The BULLETINGREDIENTS is a sister concern of Shahmeer International, one of the leading Agency Representatives and Indenting Companies in Pakistan; which is involved in International Trading of Food Ingredients, Chemicals & Commodities.


Emerging high and wide across the international media horizon is this singular monthly magazine from Pakistan, dedicated to the ingredients industry worldwide and to what all its research and products do to modern food.


The multifaceted ingredients industry worldwide is driven by constant research and innovation with bounties of Mother Nature. The soil of Pakistan which gives forth an unending wealth of vegetations and minerals which, coupled with its wildlife and livestock wealth, has much to offer to the qualitative enrichment of modern scientific ingredients.




Our strategy is to create, promote and sustain multilateral awareness between producers worldwide and users and investors in Pakistan.




A world class monthly magazine, committed to providing food news at every nook and corner of the globe.


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    Geographical Area is edited and hosted by Shahmeer International, Karachi, Pakistan. The leading international
publisher on food ingredients and food product development.
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